July 26, 2012

Sean's 34th Birthday

Our favorite daddy turned 34 at the end of May! We celebrated with some cake that my parents had brought up when they came to help with some things around the house! Don't you love the pink candles! ;)

Sean surprised me by taking off the whole day on his birthday. He had told me he was taking off the afternoon, so when I was hitting taping him nicely to get up, he rolled up and told me he took the whole day off! ;) I had 2 photo sessions that morning and when I arrived home he had packed a picnic lunch and had the Durango pack and we were off on an adventure. An adventure that I have now named Nerdapalooza! 

For his birthday, he wanted to go around and see some history spots in Kansas. First off, was Old Fort Hays in Hays. 

This may be the only time he sees me in something like this.
Future solider??
He was so thrilled - can't you tell!
Daddy and his "nerdites"
Love, love, love them! After Old Fort Hays, we went to Frontier Park in Hays and had our picnic lunch!
Lyla did not want a picture, she just wanted to swing!
Then we were off to Fort Larned
Pretty girl!
Lyla looks a bit possessed in this picture, but I love it of Co and I!

Huge daddy's boy!
Famous self timer picture!
After that we headed to Greensburg to see the World Largest  hand dug well. Thrilling, isn't it? ;) I will honestly say, this was the best part of the trip. Mostly for the fact I have never been to Greensburg and it was neat to see all of the pictures from the tornado years ago.

We then went over to a new playground at the well and I believe Sean had more fun then Lyla!
And that was it!
We drove through GB on the way home and stopped to eat his birthday dinner at the Page with his bromance Jonathan and his daugther! Great finish to a boring fun trip! It was still a great family day and I would do it again in a hearbeat. Even if I was bored outta my mind! ;)

Happy Birthday, Love!!
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