July 22, 2012

Last week and this weekend

Last week the kids and I headed to Wichita for the week. Tuesday and Wednesday, the kids and I got to babysit Ben and enjoyed our time with him! He is such a chunk and I LOVE it! I always wanted a chunky baby and well, I get peanuts instead! ;)
Self portrait in the mirror. Let's say I am not good at these... but this is the only picture I took of me and ben and I kinda love it! ;)
Tuesday night I took some pictures of them and at the end we headed to see some of the geese. Lyla was not a fan! And these geese were NOT scared one bit and would come right up to you.

 Pretty cute family! ;)

Cousin baths!
Wednesday night til Friday morning we headed to our cousin and cousin to be - Sonya and Ryan's to spend a few days! The kids had a blast and I'm pretty sure they were birth control for Sonya and Ryan! ;) They kinda trashed their house! ;) We did some shopping, ate sushi - yum! - and just enjoyed hanging out!  Ryan even bought Lyla her first barbie doll and she's in love - with Ryan and the barbie!! Ha! 
Crazy story - so I'm pretty blessed to never have sick kids. Well Wednesday night, Lyla was tossing and turning and kept telling me she needed me.  Well after being up for 2 hours, her hair smelled really bad and I noticed a brown/red fluid coming from her ear.  A google search later and it told me she either had an ear infection or her eardrum burst. It was then she kept telling me her ear hurt and would wake up on and off crying in pain. Well I debated taking her into an emergency room and going and getting her some tylenol and waiting until morning. Well, Ryan and Sonya got up and Sonya ran to get her some tylenol (thank you thank you) and finally she fell asleep for a while.  The next morning we went to an immediate care center and found out she had an ear infection! Boo! She's doing good now, though and actually asks for more medicine because she likes it! Ha! 
Friday we headed to Salina and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and ate lunch with KK (Kayla) which the kids loved seeing her, as did I! ;) After that we headed home!  

That night, we headed to Hays's BBQ and blues deal they had going on and got some free BBQ! We saw our BIL, Dan there who was competing with some friends and they got 13th out of like 39 teams I believe! Yay! 

Our camper broke last weekend (blah) and so we enjoyed a weekend home! I have so much to catch up on and we got the house organized! Also enjoyed dinner out and some pool time along with a little church! ;) Great finish to a great week! Love my family!
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