July 30, 2012

1st sleep over

 Lyla had her first sleepover sometime in May (can't remember when for the life of me! (: ) My nieces came and spent the night with us and Lyla was SUPER excited to have them come over. A sleep over was all she could talk about!
Cohen had his 9 month appt that day so the girls tagged along. We then went and ate lunch at McDonalds and they played for a little while. I'm a really great aunt for taking them to McDonalds because I find that place disgusting, but that was the place that was requested. So with a smile on my face, we went there! Then girls then had appts to get manicures. We then got some Dairy Queen, went home for naps and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in the water.  We also did lots of playing, watched a movie or two, and lots of dress up! ;)

 The girls very excited to be in the back!
 Lyla was just excited. Period.
 They were all so somber while getting their nails done and didn't act like they enjoyed it at all. Then when they all got back in the car, they couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. Silly girls!

 Waiting on the girls!

 When it actually came to going to sleep, Lyla didn't want to sleep because she wanted to have a sleepover. She didn't understand that sleep was involved in a sleepover! Ha!
  The next day the girls watched a movie and fought over who got to play with the tunnel. It was a popular item that day.
 Happy boy playing with his cousins!
 The girls love him!
 These two either love each other or love to pick on each other!
 Quite the outfits, eh?
Our first sleepover was a success and I think all the girls had fun! And we can't wait for our next one! And, I'm not sure if I blogged this but my sister-n-law and brother-in-law are expecting and I'll be getting another niece or nephew come December! ;) Yay!
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