September 8, 2010

Oh, Rose..

Miss Lyla is sick. again. Can I mention how tired I am of going into the peds office? Between winter sickness, ear infections and now this, I feel like I'm there at least twice a month.
Miss Thing has roseola. Nice huh?
When I picked her up from daycare Friday she felt really 103 degrees hot. Tylenol and a nap and she was a bit better. The next am she was fussy but no fever, same with Sunday. Monday night we noticed a little rash on her when we were getting her ready for bed. Didn't think much of it until I woke up to her screaming bloody murder at 4 am. Then I found this...

A little 4 am google session and I diagnosed her myself with Roseola "because that's what google said." Well after her appt today, google was correct. Luckily she's not contagious but she may have a rash and be a crankster for the next few days. And more good news...she should never get this again. Our doc said that this is just a viral thing that takes a few days to run its course and there isn't anything to do for it. But still...poor girl. And poor mommy.
I'm tired.

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