September 25, 2010

Date Night

Seany boy and I had a date last night. It has been a looooooong time since we went out to eat without Lyla. Truth be told, I'd rather have miss sweet cheeks with us. But, we had a good time with out having to pick up food off the floor, entertain her with crackers or snack foods, or shush her when she decides she wants to test out her little squeal she does.
We headed to Gellas, like we do most dates. But we switched things up tonight. Instead of splitting an entree, we split 2 appetizers. Look at us be on the wild side, huh! :)
After supper we thought about going to play mini golf but that got nixed for some reason. We thought about a movie but nothing was playing that the both of us could agree on. So what did we do....
We went to Wal-mart.
If we aren't an old, married couple, then I'm not sure what we are! :) I'll aisle browsing (had to buy Lyla something of course) and then we headed to Hastings to grab a movie. Picked up Lylabug and headed home. Then PJ's, then movie, then falling asleep mid-movie finished up the date. Ain't Mr. Seany boy so lucky to be married to me? I agree. He sure is...
I love our little life.
Oh, and I took not one picture and even had out camera with us the whole time. Bad blogger! I even looked super cute (a random walmart shopper even told me that! :) )
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