July 20, 2010

Lyla {11 months}

A few days late, but here's what Miss Lyly have been up to!!!

- You finally weigh a tad over 17 lbs! You are in a size 3 diaper still and wear 6-9 month clothes with a few 6-12 month stuff. Everything is still pretty much huge on you.

- You still sleep from 8:30 til 6:30 and take 3 naps a day. A small one in the morning a 1 1/2 - 3 hour one in the afternoon and a small catnap in the evening.

- You are the best eater! You will eat anything in front of you!! You take a bottle of breast milk 4 times a day. You only nurse 1st thing in the morning now as well.

- You are getting into everything now and are so much fun! You'll follow us around wherever we go.

- You wave hi and by and have started mimicking night night whenever we say it before bed.

- You've started pulling to stand a little bit but you are scared to death of following and so you aren't very brave.

- You love the lake and love anything that involves water. You love to be thrown and dunked under and just giggle the whole time!

- You stayed with your granna and pops for the first time while mommy and daddy went on vacation. We missed your 1st 4th of July but you enjoyed spending time with them!

- You are finally army crawling!!! :) And you are getting super fast at it as well!

- You've cruised the bath tub a time or two and you've also finally started taking some steps with your walker. But you are really not a fan of it at all! My guess is you'll be walking by 14 months.

- This last month you've done a great job at going from your belly or your back to sitting. I found you in your crib a few times sitting up and never figured out how you got there. Now you do it no problem!

- You've become super ticklish and just laugh and laugh whenever we tickle you. You also love to be "chased" or flipped upside down. You have the sweetest laugh!

It's very hard to believe you will be turning 1 in less then a month. I would have never thought this day could come so fast! You have grown up so much and no longer seem like my little baby! We love you, Miss Lyla!

Happy 11th Month Birthday, pretty girl!
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