July 25, 2010

Father's Day...

Yup. I'm way behind. Totally slacking. Unfortunately, Mr. Dadd-io didn't have a good father's day at all. We both decided that would be a great day to annoy each other. Such is life... good thing he has 60 or so more ahead of him. Which means I have other chances to make it up to him! :)

We went out to breakfast that morning and then headed to church. That afternoon he went and played golf. Sweet and simple for us that day.

Oh, and we took pics. Like we do just about every important day! :)

Lyla is one lucky lady to have a dadd-io love her as much as he does! Thank you bub for everything you do for her and I. We think you are spectacular and love you!!! :)
Happy Father's Day...(1 month late)
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