July 8, 2010

Hellooooo Motivation

I have zip.zero.zelch.nonwhatsoever. motivation to clean lately. Or actually motivation to do anything that doesn't involve photography or Lyla or Sean. So the ol' house has been neglected big time. So big that I think my mom should come help. (Hi Mom!) Except she can't because she feels the need to go to Wichita to see that lil' brother of mine. (Hi Kev & Kelci). So, it is up to me. And I now have 4 days to get it done. We were supposed to head to the lake for a 4 day "vaca" per se, but our lovely camper decided it didn't want to keep us cool anymore. Yup...we get to purchase a new A/C for it. Lucky us. So now I have 4 days home with the hubby and baby girl and I'm hoping to get a lot done. A lot.

A lot of cleaning. A lot of playing. A lot of photography stuff. A lot of blogging. Um... a lot of sleeping??? :)

I wish.

If only Wal-mart sold motivation.
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