June 6, 2010

Memorial Day weekend Part 2

As promised and with a little reminder from my SIL Kelci, I'm posting about Sunday. Better late then never right?

Sunday was a busy day for us. Seany boy played golf with his bromance and his daddy while I enjoyed the company of Kelci and Kevin. They drove up to see Miss Lyla (they say to see Sean and I too, but for some reason I don't believe em' hehe! :) ) which was super nice of them. We love company so thanks for coming by guys! After they left she napped for a little bit and then we had a play date at our house. Love play dates. I'm a total people person and so play dates are totally up my alley. My friend Shelly and her 4 boys, ahem...yes 4 boys, and my other SIL Renee and my 2 nieces came over. A baby pool, slip-n-slide, sprinkler and this Buzz Light year water toy entertained the tots for quite some while. Hubby and his bromance then joined up for a BBQ. A nice sweet day if you ask me! I love play dates...even if Lyla technically didn't play. All in due time, right?

They *love* Lyla!

My {little} brother and I. Think we look alike? When we were younger people used to think we were twinkies.

Love that smile of hers!

Abi and Corbin sitting in a....hammock? Doesn't rhyme but it was cute!

Dalton was the party pooper of the group!

Seany boy grilling!

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