June 19, 2010


Sick baby = no fun. Seriously.No.Fun.

The past few days have probably been the hardest parenting days so far for me. Sure I know I have a lot more before me, but right now, it's been hard.

She's whiny. She's clingy. She's snotty. She's coughing. She screams. She hits. She wants NOTHING to do with her daddy (should make for a good 1st Father's Day right?). She won't play. She won't sit. She won't stand. She doesn't want to be held sitting but also doesn't want to be held standing. She wants her mama at.all.times.

Ugh. The house is a mess. I have tons of pictures to edit. I, ahem, have blogs to stalk. Doesn't she understand this? ;) (Totally kidding there).

BUT... I still feel blessed at the same time. I'm lucky and blessed to be her mommy and for her to be in our lives. And I really shouldn't complain because not everyone has that. So... here's to more crying. More snot. More coughs. But also more cuddles and lots more mama and Lyla time.

(A glass (or a bottle) of wine might be needed tonight.)

Happy Saturday!

(FYI, we are battling URI, bilateral ear infections, and the possiblity of asthma.)
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