February 19, 2014

Cohen Finn :: 2 1/2 years ::

 Sweet boy, it is so hard to believe you are 2 and a half already!  You keep us on our toes and time just flies when you are around.  Even if you are onery as can be - you are also the sweetest little thing!  You are the best at giving hugs! You wrap your arms around us super hard and just squeeze!  You also love to give random kisses during the day which I love as well!  Even though you go 100% during the day and barely rest, you are my little snuggle bug before bed! 

Yesterday was your 2 1/2 well child check! Here are your deets!

- You weighed 26.7 (with clothes on). At home you weigh about 25 lbs. That put you in the 15th percentile.
- You are 34 inches tall and in the 10th percentile.

- You are wearing 18-24 months but fit perfectly in 12 month pants - except they are high waters on you. Most pants fall off you and we are forever pulling you up.

- You are wearing size 7 - 7 1/2 shoes

- You are in size 3 diapers still.  
- We will probably begin working on potty training here soon - though I'm really in no hurry. I'd rather do it the easy way when you are super ready than to rush something you aren't 100% ready for and it be a chore for us to do!  

- You sleep from about 9 at night til 7 in the morning.  Sometimes you like to spice things up with getting up at 5:45 or 6.  Not cool Cohen. Mama needs sleep.

- You still take 1 nap in the afternoon for 1-2 hours.

- You are a good eater if it is something you absolutely love.  If not, it's hit or miss. If it's spaghetti, sloppy joes or pancakes, you'll eat 4 or 5 helpings! 

- You love to snack and I randomly find you trying to get into any food you can get your paws on! The other day you got into one of my clients smash cakes and gobbled it up!

- You still love balls and have a good 50 of them probably!  You love to play "hoops" or "olf".  You will turn anything into a bat and play baseball or golf with it including my hair brush! :)

-You like Daniel Tiger and Elmo and enjoying playing and writing your letters on the iPad. We still find you in random hiding places where you have snuck the ipad too.

- Besides the Ipad, you love farm stuff, cows, your "aw-hawks" (Jayhawks), playing football with daddy and wrestling daddy, going to fhsu games or watching just about any sport!  

- You also very much love your sisters! You want to be where ever Lyla is and you want to hold Stella a lot. You say me hold baby.  That is your name for her - always baby. If you try to say her name, it sounds like ella.

- You will be starting speech soon.  Your vocabulary has increased so much since December but since you couldn't hear much your first 16 months of life, your speech is a bit delayed and impaired. When you talk you mostly leave the first sound off the word.  But you will try and repeat just about everything.

- You love to pray before dinner and you say God good, amen.  Straight to the point! 

-  You love to play barbies with Lyla - you actually like to play just about anything Lyla plays but we have caught you playing barbies by your self a few times!

- You do not listen very well and like to test mommy and daddy!  It always take counting to two before you finally listen.  If we tell you not to do, you'll most likely do it. 

- You love to try and help doing dishes and laundry or just about anything we do.  Usually this makes tasks about 100 times harder, but you are so sweet when you do it!

- You are also a daredevil and love to jump off just about everything! 

- With help you can count to thirteen but you really have no interest in learning your letters.  Keeping you sitting still to focus on something is a near impossible task!

As much as you may drive us nuts at times, you are a complete joy and we couldn't imagine you not in our lives! Love you Co Finn!
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