March 3, 2014

Jumperoo and potty training 2014

 Girlfriend loves her jumperoo.  Apparently, she got such a great workout that it wore her out! How sweet is she?

My parents came up and watched the kiddos for me while I had a back appt one day!  Someone got cozy and fell asleep on pops.  It's funny I'm posting sleeping pictures of her, because for the most part she doesn't sleep during the day! 

Yesterday we started potty training Cohen for real! Last week I got the potty out of the van and just kept it out but he had no real interest.  Well yesterday, after I realized I had an easy week, I thought this would be the best time to do it.  So while I was playing with Cohen I told him he could have candy if he peed in his potty. Well, no later than 15 minutes he comes into our bedroom where I'm folding clothes carrying his potty. Totally sanitary, I know. But whatever, I screamed! :) I was so excited I think I freaked him out! :) But he was super proud.  So I told him he could have any candy he wanted and he asked for oreos. A call to daddy who was grocery shopping (it was a mere 1 degree yesterday - no way in heck was I getting out) and oreos were picked up.  He had 2 more accidents whenever daddy got home but after that he was golden.  He's peed and pooped in it! So a successful first day! 

As I type this, this morning, he's peed 2 more times! So I'm feeling pretty confident. Knock on wood - he is even doing better than big sister. And I thought she was pretty easy.  She had a few accidents on the second morning but was then golden after that! 

Daddy picked out some sports undies so we shall see what happens from here on out. I'm afraid to get too excited since he is a boy and his attention span is like 2 seconds, but hopefully it'll continue. 
We will be going out this afternoon, so fingers crossed, it goes well.  

Oh and for the record, we do the 3 day potty training system. Works awesome. But here's my 1 piece of advice. Wait until they are ready - like super ready. Don't do it because you want them out of diapers. Im lazy and like things easy - so waiting until they are super ready makes it much easier for me!

Good job sweet boy!
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