February 18, 2014

Wichita, tris, & fam!

 This past weekend we headed down to Wichita to visit family and for Sean to compete in his first indoor tri at the YMCA!  We headed down Friday and stayed the night with my brother and Ben!  He has gotten so big (Ben that is) and was so much fun to play with!

Saturday morning we headed to Sonya and Ryans to see baby Ike and do his newborn pictures.  I kinda want another baby. And yes I'm crazy! And Sean nixed that idea quick! :)

Miss Stella is a pretty good size for her age but she looked super big next to Ike! :) They are a little over 4 months apart!

And just because she's cute! :)

Here are some race pictures! So proud of my hubs! 

And this guy is pretty dang sweet! :) Loves him!

Sean's session was at 9 - he had to swim 500 yards, bike 6 miles and run 2 miles!  He did good one the swim and was the second person out of the pool.  The bike was pretty boring just watching him pedal away! :)

 Some of his fans!

I just love this picture.  There were not a lot of observers so the kiddos were high fiving and cheering for the runners as they went by!

Next up was Kevin at 10:30.  

Our attempt at a family picture!  3 out of 5 looking so I consider it a success! The other ones we had only 2 were looking and I bet you can guess who they were! 

And I love this! Cohen wants to be just like daddy! 

Overall Sean got 30th out of 89 and Kevin got 6th out of 89!  Super proud of both of them! 

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