February 17, 2014

Stella Monroe :: 4 months ::

 It is SO hard to believe you are 4 months already sweet girl! You are such a good baby and a blessing to our family! 

- You probably weigh around 13 1/2 - 14 lbs. Your 4 month appt is in 3 days, so I'll know for sure then! (Appt update: You weigh 13.6 lbs and were 24.5 inches long. You also have your first ear infection!)
- You are in 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. Some 0-3 fits perfectly while most is too small. I actually just went through your closet tonight and it made me so sad!

- You are wearing size 1/2 shoes, mostly 1s.
- You are in size 2 diapers

- You are not a great napper but do sleep pretty good at night.  A normal night is 8-10 hours sometimes you'll get up a little earlier but relatively it is at least 8 hours a night. (Mama is in heaven!)
-You don't nap great and are not on a real schedule.  We have started putting you in the crib for naps as you have normally napped in the swing.  Sometimes you have to cry a little to go to sleep and sometimes your thumb goes in your mouth and you are out like  alight.  You sleep anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours, ya never know!

- You nurse about every 2-4 1/2 hours. No food yet (and don't plan on it for about another month or so.
- You will take bottles just fine!  

- You are the smilest little thing.  If anyone talks to you, you automatically smile!
- You like to laugh and just recently found your really true laugh.  You also love to talk a lot too!

- You can roll front to back and back to front, though now that you figured out how to roll back to front, you hardly ever roll front to back. You started rolling back to front at 3 months!
- You are started to try and sit up some. You'd much rather be up right than laying down.

- You love your jumperoos!  You can really get a going in them!
- You also love your stuffed giraffe and your hands. Its your favorite thing to chew on!
- Your nicknames are Stelly Roe roe, Stells, Stella bella, Stellarella, or smelly stelly!

- Your big brother did manage to get your out of your swing and (i'm hoping) gently put you on the ground. He came up to me and said hold baby. I told him not now and he goes uh oh.  So I went to look at you and you were laying on the ground just smiling! :)  You will be a tough girl!

- You try and twist yourself out of the swing and so we don't put you in there much anymore. You are a mover!

- You love your thumb but will take a pacifer occasionally. 

- Your hair is starting to come in and it can look brown or blondeish red sometimes.  Your eyes are also still blue and I really hope they stay!

Happy 4 months sweet girl! We love you oh.so.much!!!!

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