December 10, 2013

Stella Monroe :2 months :

Happy 2 month birthday baby girl!

- You weigh 11 lbs 2 oz!
- You are wearing 0-3 month clothes

- You are sleeping about 8 hours at least a night.
- Naps are super inconsistent but anywhere from 20 mins to 3 hours. You love to be held or in the swing for naps!

- You nurse about every 3 hours! 
- You will take bottles pretty good!

- You can roll from your belly to your back! 
- You love being in the swing and sleep the best there!

- You love to smile and are just generally a super happy baby. 
- You started smiling at 5 weeks 5 days!
- You've also found your tongue and love to stick it out!

- You met Santa for the first time!
- Your brother and sister love you so much and love to hold you!

- Nicknames include baby (Cohen), Stellarella (Lyla), Stella Bella and Stelle Belle.

Happy 2 months sweet girl!!
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