December 13, 2013

Meeting Santa

 A cute little baby boutique in Hays had the most awesomest Santa ever for the kiddos to visit.  There were two dates and one of them I was taking pictures for clients, so the week before we went and met him so I could test the lighting and stuff. Lyla loved him, Stella could care less and Cohen was frightened. We did manage to get Cohen to sit in front of him but he wouldn't sit on his lap or let Santa touch him. 

Lyla asked for a scooter, american girl doll and a barbie. 

Cohen asked for a train and cars! And of course a ball.

He was such a good Santa!  So good with the kiddos!  He even went out of his way to try and get Cohen not to be scared of him! So sweet! We shall see what next year will bring!
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