December 16, 2013

We are still alive!

I know, I know! I haven't blogged in forever and a day! We are pretty busy around here. The crazy photography season is just about ending but I'm still pretty busy (which is great) but I'm feeling a tiny bit stressed these day! Stella is 2 months now and growing crazy fast! I'm trying to snuggle with her and enjoy her "littleness" for now. Lyla just finished up the preschool session at Hays High for the year.  And Cohen - oh Cohen - he keeps us the busiest and on our toes at all times! But we love him so! :) His silly scrunched nose smile and crazy uncle hair keeps him on our good side!

Today was absolutely beautiful so we soaked up some time outside! A nice little walk with the littles and Lyla rode her bike! So nice to have some fresh air. It's supposed to be this nice for about a week or so! So much better than cold temps and ice! Though a little snow on Christmas would be nice!

Stella is a super happy little girl and such a joy in our lives! I like to call her the perfect third child! God knew exactly what I needed when he made her!  Haters can hate, but this sweet girl sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours a night! Music to my ears  because this momma loves her sleep! She is our first child to sleep so good! She's happy, patient and just all around awesome! She got her ears pierced this past week and did so good! We also had her 2 month appt and shots (which she cried waaay harder for her shots than she did the ears). I'll have her 2 month post up soon!

For now, enjoy the littles! Lyla was too busy riding her bike to stop for me! :)

The walk wore her out!

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