November 22, 2013

Lyla :: 4 years ::

 It is SO hard to believe that Lyla is 4 now. Sean and I were talking how crazy it is that she was JUST a baby in our arms. How is she now 4? Seriously.

You weigh 34 lbs. You were around the 25% for all your stats. You are wearing size 4t (though slightly big) and size 9 shoes. You are in a phase where you dislike wearing jeans and just want to wear leggings. You have officially started giving your opinion on what you want to wear and can be dramatic when giving your opinion aka... "I have to wear this old thing" (about a new dress).

 You sleep in your bed by yourself and hardly come into our room anymore. You'll sleep anywhere from 830-930 to 730 in the morning. You like to wake me up by saying the sun is up so it is time to get up! You are a night owl and would stay up late if we let you. You also like to come out of your room multiple times trying to let us keep you up. It only works when I feel like cuddling! :)

You still nap and will nap anywhere from 1-3 hours though most of them are around 1 1/2 hours.

You are a pretty good eater, depending on what it is. If you don't want to eat it, we make you eat 4 bites (since you are 4) and then you can be done. Sometimes you even end up eating the rest of it!

You also have a sweet tooth like your daddy!

You are a mother hen and loves babies. You also love bossing Cohen around. We often here you mimicking things we say when Cohen is in trouble. You are super excited to be a big sister too!

You have recently really started giving us your opinion and back talking. You can be the sweetest thing 1 minute and 2 seconds later your are a sassy pants. Definitely checking out your boundaries.

You are a chatter box and if you aren't 100% into an activity (crafts, IPAD, movie) you are constantly talking. You've also started stuttering a little bit because you have so much to say and want to say it all right away.

You love learning and want to constantly know things. You like doing "homework" and counting and trying to teach Cohen his letters. You can write all the letters of the alphabet and some of the numbers. You can count to 30 really well before you start to get distracted. For your age, you are right where you need to be!

You know your full name, our full names, your address, and phone number. 

You are not going to preschool this year but will next year. For now you are doing a program at Hays High for about 2 hours a week and really enjoy it! 

You are a social little girl and have no trouble talking to others. You are great with your manners and people comment how good you are and how sweet you are! We agree!

You are dramatic with everything you dont want to do! If we ask you to clean, you tell me you are so worn out from playing that you can't. Or that you need help because there are just way to many toys. 

You love to sing and dance and your imagination is in full swing! You like to put on shows or practice your dance for us from last year! You and Cohen can play really well together and Cohen will just follow you around and agree with whatever you tell him! This has included him dressing up in your dress up clothes too!

You love crafts and arts and like doing projects! We have circle time sometimes at our house and you love singing songs and learning new things!

Favorite things:
babies, KU, the Steelers, coloring and working on "school work", watching umizoomi, Sofia or Lalaloopsy. You also love movies and want to watch Princess and the frog a lot.  You love helping us do whatever it is we are doing! 

Here's to growing up sweet girl! I hope you keep your sweetness and little bit of sassyness. You make mommy and daddy so happy and we are SO proud of the little girl you are becoming!
Keep shining, sweet girl!

Pictures above taken by Aimee Marie Photography
Pictures below taken by me (at 39 weeks pregnant!)

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