November 11, 2013

Stella Monroe :: Newborn pictures ::

When we found out we were having a girl I started thinking up what I wanted to do for pictures for her. Girls are much more fun to photograph just because the props are SO cute! So I had all these big plans - but then I had her and had a rough recovery and I didn't even come close to doing everything I wanted to do. Thankfully it worked out to have some family pictures and some of her done by a photographer that is a friend while she was in Kansas so I felt better knowing that she got some. I was super bummed because I really wanted to do more, but I do love what I got! 

One thing I really wanted to do was outdoor pictures. We had a 70 degree day so I went for it and I loved how they turned out. My favorites out of all of them! I'm not a huge "theme" person when it comes to my set ups, but since she is an October baby I added the pop of orange!

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