January 24, 2011

12 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:12 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Jay is the size of a lime.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:Ugh, 6 lbs already. Eeeek.
Maternity Clothes:Nope, just the belly band with a few jeans.
Gender: Wish I knew...this week I had thoughts of boy and girl...twins maybe? Haha!
Movement: None yet.
Sleep: Depends, some nights are good, some aren't.
What I miss: A glass of wine, my energy.
Cravings:I'm hungry, hungry, hungry. I really want steak right now and fruit. Jimmy Johns, Pizza Hut.
Symptoms: Tired.Tired.Tired., headaches, nausea here and there, gagging randomly
Best Moment this week: Nothing too particular!
I'm only a week and 3 days away from being out of the first trimester. And just like with Lyla, week 12 started the random gagging. Today it was over sour cream. So fun, let me tell ya. Lyla has even started walking around tonight making a gagging sound, haha!
I'll post a picture tomorrow.
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