August 10, 2010


Lyla has some sweet new tricks. She's learned "So big" recently and we finally got a new camera (did I tell you Sean dropped our other one in Lake Wilson? Cuz he did!) so I can take some videos with it again!

And as always...she's so sweet!

Ok, so the movie isn't working... just figured that out. Sorry...more cuteness to come soon!

On another note, 1 year ago today was my due date! My oh my, time has flown. At this time last year I had a doctors appt and found out that "Baby Jay" wasn't going to be time! I also found out I wouldn't be induced for another week, which at the time made me not so happy! Thank goodness she's here now!! It's so very hard to believe that in exactly a week she will be 1! I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad...i'm a bag of mixed emotions about this one!
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