August 3, 2010


Lyla has a few little nicknames that we call her.

She started off as baby jay whenever she was a fetus. Her first nickname when she was born was Lyla Belle. Sean penned her with that because he loves southern names.

He also likes to call her punky, punkers, & baby girl.

I first started calling her punkers and lylabug. Now I call her anything from Ly-ly, Lylee, and missy moo.

Recently I've started calling her chickadee too. Why? Not sure. But I think it's kinda cute.

We don't really have to many for her because her name is pretty simple. Short and sweet. And hopefully it isn't a name that some bully can make fun of when she's older.
She is *tooooo* cute to make fun of.

I'm sure we will come up with many more throughout the years, but for now that's what ya get!
Oh, and T minus 14 days til her 1st birthday - oh my!

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