August 23, 2014

Lyla Ainsley :: 5 years ::

I still remember your birthday to a T. It was long but quick at the same time! We were so excited to welcome you and couldn't wait to meet you!  You make us so proud sweet girl!  

You are 35.2 lbs (20th %) and 42 inches tall ( 55%).  You are wearing anything from 3t to 5t though 5t is pretty big! You are in a size 10 shoe! 

You sleep anywhere from 8:30/9:30 until about 7:30.  Still a night owl and will try to always cuddle before bed. You did stop taking naps this year but occasionally you'll fall asleep during rest time!  You are a great eat for the most part! I can't believe you only gained 1 pound from 4-5 because you can down a lot of food!  You share a room with Stella and love sleeping with her but most nights you find your way into our room on the floor!  

You love TV and if I let you, you would watch it Truth.  You love movies especially Frozen and the little Mermaid.  You LOVE to sing. And sing loud!  Also you show off your dance or gymnastic moves all the time too! You don't sit still, unless the TV is on.  (We don't let you watch very much though!).  You are also a huge fan of crafts or coloring or working on school workbooks! Love to draw pictures and write cards!

You are a mother hen and love to boss anyone around that will listen, especially Cohen.  You love to yell "Cohen Finn" whenever he doesn't listen! You are also a rule follower and don't like when people don't do things they are supposed to do.  Today you told your daddy, "I've told you a thousand times, put your boots by the door!". You maaaay take after your mom quite a bit!

You love to plan birthday parties, talk with your hands and be over dramatic.  You can also turn on the waterworks pretty quick if your feelings get hurt. A big thing you learned this summer is how to swim and we are so proud of you!

We are told you are such a great kid and we agree!!  You are a great helper, follow the rules and listen pretty well to us! All we have to do is look at you and you'll do what your supposed to be doing! You have a kind heart and love to help others and make new friends! 

This year you will be starting Preschool and momma is NOT ready for this.  4 years at home with me when waaay to quick and I wish I could start over and soak it up even more! I'm going to MISS you! And yes I'll be crying when we drop you off but you like to tell me that you'll be just fine. That you HAVE to grow up! 

Educational wise, you can write all your letters and numbers, recognize them all. You can count well and are starting to put together sounds for reading. 

Your sassy side has come out more this year. Your sweet side is much more fun to be around!  

Favorite things:
Frozen.Frozen.Frozen. Dancing. Gymnastics. Singing. Playing barbies. Swimming. Singing. Being a mommy (to Stella). Baking. You also love helping us in any way!

Going to bed. any type of mascots except for Chilly the penguin. sweating (you absolutely hate being hot). 

At 7:06 pm you changed our lives forever, Lu! We love you!!
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