August 28, 2014

1st day of Preschool - 2014

 Well I cried. But if you know me, you wouldn't expect it be any other way. I honestly have been a wreck about her going to school for a few weeks.  First panic set in that I didn't do enough with her or even teach her enough in the 4 years I got to be home with her! (Her first year she was in daycare).  Then sadness came because I'll just plain miss her! She's my sidekick, my helper. Honestly, she's my bff (her words). 

Tuesday night we had Preschool Open House and if you came in contact with her AT ALL that day, you would hear about it! We got to go to the school and meet her teacher and see the class. Surprisingly, she was a bit on the shy side and a little overwhelmed I think. To be honest, I was too. The classroom was packed with kids and parents, so I can only imagine it in her eyes! She got to see where she would sit and hang up her book bag. She loved it though and I think she become even more anxious to go to school the next day. 

So the morning of, she was up bright and early at 6:30.  We cuddled in our bed for a few minutes and then I have a little video of her telling me what was happening that day and all that jazz. And then I cried. It pretty much went downhill for me from there.

 I set up all her stuff for her! Her sign to hold, her outfit I had made, book bag and first day of school donuts! Because those were pretty much mandatory! Her book bag I actually got at walmart of all places and had it embroidered with a L. Outfit is from Elle Couture and was a total last minute thing. I had another cute outfit planned but then I felt sad she didn't have a 1st day of school themed outfit and ordered something! I'm a nut. I know. But I'm totally ok with that. 

Then we had the obligatory first day of school photo shoot! I know she is mine, but she is such a pretty girl! ;) So much sweetness with a side of sass! 

She seems soo much older to me than 5. It doesn't help that she's mature for her age. but goodness. my heart can't take it!

The obligatory sign!

Then every year I want to capture in some way of what she wants to be when she grows up!  i ADORE that she wants to be a mom! Best job ever!

Then we headed to school. I was sick to my stomach and on the verge of tears. As we were walking up to the school we ran into Renee, Sean's sister,  and I pretty much lost it then. Collected myself and we managed to make it to her class. Though I'm sure to everyone else that we passed, thought I was a hot mess. Which, I was.

Her teacher, Mrs. Broyles.

Last picture before we left.

And cue the waterworks. I managed to keep me hot mess of a self together in her class but as soon as we were out the door, all control was lost. A few people we passed had pity for me and reminded me it would be ok. And yes. I know. She will thrive. She will do great. Except she is MY baby. And I miss her.

And hows this for keeping it completely real. Sean snapped this. Might be the worst picture of me ever.

 I wasn't able to be home when she got home from school as the other two had doctor appts but Sean video'd her getting off the bus. Which to her is the best thing about preschool. 

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