August 25, 2014


It seems this summer has flown. We have been so extremely busy but at the same time I don't feel like we did much.

The normals, pool time, a few trips to the lake and of course some triathlons cheering on daddy!

We also built a fire pit this summer and of course enjoy some good ol' smores!

My mom and dad moved to Russell and we are enjoying spending more time with them, as they are enjoying spending more time with their grandkids.

We've rode bikes, learned to swim and practiced hitting the ball 100s of times.

Especially this kid. He will hit the ball over and over. Repeat.

This little girl learned to take her first few steps.

We also have enjoyed having my parents dog around some too. I especially love that she eats all the food off the floor!

Summer has been good, though fast. 

And soon we will be saying goodbye to Lyla every morning as she is off to preschool. Which pretty much means she is grown up and doesn't need her momma anymore.  

I'll be the one crying every morning at drop off.  
Summer. come back soon!

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