April 16, 2014

Mr. Max :: 3 years later ::

 On March 31st - Max would have been 3! It's so crazy to think 3 years as has passed!  I still (and will never forget) his birthday. I was in bed when I got the call from Kevin at 7! Hour later Lyla and I were out the door! Couple of hours later, he was here! Being pregnant with Cohen at the time, I was super excited to find out that "Max" was a boy (they didn't find out and just nicknamed the baby Max). I was excited for Cohen to have a buddy to play with! Even though he isn't here, it's important to me that my kiddos remember him in some way. Last year we put his balloons on his grave, this year we let them go in our yard! Lyla knew exactly why we were doing it and said that little boys love balloons in heaven! So with that, Happy Birthday, Max! 

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