April 15, 2014

March happenings

The month of March brought on 2 kiddos with ear infections, potty training success (for the most part) and cousin get togethers!

Stells practicing her sitting!  

This day we had a cousin fun day! We went out to eat and then headed to the pool in Russell for swimming.  After we got back I had to run to a photo session but Sean sent me a video of the kids sleeping. They were worn out. These pictures are from when I got back.
And yes. Cohen. This kid. He loves his sisters shoes!

At the beginning of the month we tried some applesauce with Stella but she still has her tongue thrust so it wasn't really a success so we waited a few more weeks.  But she liked playing with the spoon and Sean's airplane noises!

Lyla has been big into tea parties and this is her normal set up! :)

And Miss Stella, just a happy little thing!

Cohen is pretty much potty trained. He does good everywhere but at the Center - where we workout. He likes to poop his pants there for some reason. But other than that, we just have a few accidents here and there (mostly #2). So I'm pretty happy! Only 1 kiddo in diapers is nice! Hard to believe that in about 2 years we will be done with diapers!

Stella had an ear infection at her 4 month appt and in March she still had fluid behind her ears but thankfully it was clear. But then 2 weeks later, Cohen was jealous of Stella's ear and thought he should have ear infections too!  Thankfully, they are both better and the ears are good - for now!

In March we also had Lyla's preschool round up! It is SO hard to believe that she will be going to preschool everyday for 2 1/2 hours. When she did 3 year preschool she only went 3 times a week so it was a nice little break, but everyday seems crazy. And now that means everyday I'm going to have to get up early - boo! 
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