September 25, 2013

Preschool year 2 - Miss Lyla

Lyla LOVES school but we decided at the end of last year that we were not going to send her in the fall with all the new changes we were going to be having. Well then our preschool ended up closing and so we decided we would take the year off since she would be doing full preschool next year. She's a pretty smart cookie - so there was no hurt in not sending her. Well then I heard about a program through Hays High where the students "teach" the kids twice a week for about an hour. It gives her some one on one time and plus it's free. So win win. Her first day was last thursday and she loved it the whole time and can't wait to go back. She goes thursday and fridays and then in December can go as much as 5 days a week if we wanted. With driving from victoria we probably won't do 5 days but will most likely do 3! 

We got her a new book bag and she picked out the ladybug! We just need to get it embroidered and it'll be perfect!

And since Cohen loves to do everything his sister does - here he is posing with her!

His bag is about the size of him!

Obligatory pictures... I hope Lyla and Cohen (and the baby) don't mind that I'll be doing this until they are out of college if I can! :)

The program is for 3-5 year olds so I'm hoping next year Cohen will get to go as well. Her "teachers" seem to love her and the head teacher of the class told me she was a super smart and special little girl with great manners! Music to this momma's ear. She makes me so proud.

The teachers have NO idea what will be ahead of them when Cohen goes! :):) He likes to keep people on their toes. Or wrestle them. 
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