September 25, 2013

Date night

It's kinda sad to sad, but Sean and I had not been on a date with just him and I since the beginning of Feb. Feb 9th to be exact as it was just a few days after we found out we were expecting again!  My parents had the kiddos for the weekend so Saturday I worked in the morning and then napped the afternoon away. After football games we headed off to Gella's (really the only nice place to go eat) for dinner and then just headed home to watch a movie. We were going to go to the theatre but I'm much more comfy in my Pj's and big body pillow on the couch! We watched Olympus has fallen and it was really good! Definitely must see! Then we watched an episode of Orange is the new black on Netflix. Kinda naughty, but addicting! And that folks was date night! :)

I am surprised to say we didn't talk about the kids too much! We actually had other things to talk about for once! :)
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