September 25, 2012

Birthday Zoo trip

 Still catching up on birthday posts! On Lyla's birthday, we headed to Rolling Hills for the morning! We packed a lunch and had a picnic there before heading in to see the animals! Lyla loved it and all she wanted to see were elephants, which they have non of. But if you ask her what her favorite animal was there, she said the monkeys! The kids did so good with the trip and we all had fun!

 He's so big! :(
 If you know me at all, I'm freakishly scared of turtles. They give me chills, my heart races, uck - not a fan of them at all. Apparently that goes for statue turtles as well! I don't like ANY type of amphibian, for the record.

 Family picture! I think we all had the most fun feeding the animals in the kid part of the zoo! Or maybe, that was me! :)
 After the zoo, we headed to Salina and did a little shopping and then ate dinner with Ty and KK! Sushi, of course! :) 
When we got home late that night, but woke up the kids to open Lyla's presents and eat some birthday cupcakes! Lyla got a FHSU shirt, a toy that teaches you to write your letters, fake food for her kitchen (Melissa and Doug toys are the best!) and a few books.

We also hung balloons from each of their doors on the night of their birthdays. We hung Lyla's on the eve of her birthday and during the night she came to our room and never even noticed them!
 The birthday boy on the morning of his birthday (the next day).
 Saturday morning was Cohen's present time! He got a toy ipad thing, a turtle roller thing (that Lyla's plays with more!), a 4 wheeler toy, books, and a toy shape sorter!

 My girl and I in the morning! We are blessed with such great kids!
That night we had cake, went out to eat at Applebee's (1st birthday tradition) and then went to the FHSU soccer game! :) 

Happy Birthday to my kiddos! Mommy and Daddy LOVE you!
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