May 5, 2014

Our weekend :: Wichita, 1/2 marathon, family time!

This past weekend we headed down to Wichita for Sean to run in his 2nd 1/2 marathon. We stayed Friday night with Kevin and Kelci and I took Kamben's 2nd birthday pictures! The next morning, Sean , I and the kids did a little shopping and then went down to get his race packet! 

The morning of the race we saw them for the first time about a 1/2 mile from the start! There were over 1400 racers and so we figured the start would be crazy, especially with 4 kids!  So I never got a pre-race picture of Sean since he left quite a bit earlier than us!

Friday before we left for Wichita - Lyla and I made a poster for him! She was pretty happy! I wish I could have gotten a close up because on the poster was flowers and a picture of sean which included spiky hair! :)

Kevin ran about 7 miles with him! This is them about a 1/2 mile into it! They ran up and gave the kids high fives which made them pretty happy! We also got a few comments on how cute the kiddos were with their sign! :)

This was about Mile 11 I believe!  Running and smiling! We saw him 2 other times before this but I didn't bring my camera with me! Kelci and I were a little busy hurrying around getting the kiddos in and out of their car seats and looking for the guys!

This picture made me cry after I saw it on my camera! He is such a good daddy and uncle! The kiddos loved when he did this!

And the finish!  I did get to see him finish but just barely. Cohen & I ran up ahead of Kevin and Kelci and the kids and just as I stopped and reached into the stroller for the camera I saw him running by! He said he picked it up a few notches in the last mile or two and so I wasn't quite expecting him yet!  So I just barely got him crossing the finish line. His time was 1:45:55 which was a PR for him, even with not being 100% from his ACL surgery! He placed 164th out of 1438! He did amazing! He also placed 24th our of 108 in his age division.

Our friend Kim also competed in it and this was her first 1/2 and she did incredible too!

Our little family! Everyone is looking so I consider that a success!

Pretty proud of this guy! He always strives for his best and is so dedicated when he puts his mind to it! Love you!

This was our attempt at a group picture! Timer fail! :)

Daddy and his biggest fans!

And these are all from my phone! Saturday afternoon we went to the zoo! It was stinking hot at almost 100 degrees! Crazy May weather! But we all had a good time!

And this was the best group shot! :)

Such a good weekend! And... drumroll... I'm going to start training to run it next year! Hopefully in 12 months I get do it! :)

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