May 9, 2012

Another lately post.

I've been h to the orrible lately at blogging and also picture taking.  These have all been from the past 2 weeks or so! 
One bit of exciting news was that I won us a swingset! There was a raffle in Hays for CASA of the High Plains and I won! :) Considering I feel like I never win anything, I was super excited! And that also makes one less thing we need to buy for the house! We were going to get one for the kids, but not until next year probably! Lyla LOVES it!

 This was the night we got it, before Sean got the rock wall on it!

 Happy little girl!

 I just love her!

 This little girl is fun, but a pain at times! Potty training is still not going well. She loves to be outside with us in the evening and come inside and pee right away. Makes NO sense! She had a vet appt on Monday and she weighed in a 4 lbs 5 oz. She was 10 weeks yesterday!

 This sweet boy likes swinging too!

 The finished product! Luckily with winning the swing set, we didn't have to put it together! :) Which Sean was very happy about! We just had to add on the swing, slide, and rock wall!

 This guy is getting big and crawling up on everything.  He is officially crawling on his fours but he prefers to army crawl! Every once and a while he'll get up doing some real crawling! He loves to climb up the rock wall and get to the top!
 Love this man! We'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage in just under 2 months! Time flies!

 Lyla's new favorite way to swing! :)

Some other stuff:
Lyla is in the phase of asking question after question. All conversations go like this:
Lyla sees a picture. "What's his name, mommy."
(Most likely I have no idea) "Um, Fred."
"What Fred doing?"
"Fred is (sleeping, eating, swinging, walking, etc)."
What Fred (sleeping, eating, swinging, walking, etc) for?"
Because he's ( fill the the blank)."
"What Fred do that for?" 
Repeat. And repeat. and repeat.
(I'm super happy she is talking well and has a great vocabulary, but  She talks ALL the time!)

She always asks what daddy is doing and here is my new response.
"What daddy doing?"
"Daddy is working."
"What daddy working for?"
"To make money."
"What daddy make money for?"
"So mommy can go shopping?"
"Oh, good." 

This morning she asked to go to Char's house (a friend that watches the kids sometimes) and asked if her friends were going? So I said sure and asked which friends? She said Alyssa (another person she watches) and Ty and KK! :)

Lyla has started trying to tell jokes. She'll randomly say something and look at me and say, "That's funny, mommy." and start laughing!

There are so many funny things she says, and I really need to get better at writing them down. Every time I try to write a post and write some of the funnies, I never remember! 

Cohen is doing great too!  She's still pulling up on everything, is waving, and walking a little while holding on to us! He is getting so big!!! But he is still a little peanut! I went shopping last Friday with my mom to get the kids some summer clothes and I bought Cohen 3-6 month pair of jeans (that are still way big but his 0-3 have gotten holes in it from wearing it for almost 9 months!) and a bunch of shorts in size 3 months.  And even those are a bit big on him!!! He/We just recently quit nursing, which makes me a bit sad! Oh, I just love him!

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