April 8, 2010

Easter part 1

Did you have a great Easter?? Hopefully it was better than mine! Mine was good but definitely coulda been better. I spent the better half of it feeling like poo. I spent most of the evening laying in my parents bed and barely ate a thing...ugh! Not fun!!! And from there, Miss Andrea had the flu! Yippee I tell ya...again...not fun!

Rewind to Saturday. My friends Becca and Shelly met up with me at McDonalds at a very early 8 am for some breakfast before we hit up the FHSU Easter Egg hunt!

Meet Becca at 8 a.m. Pretty little thing ain't she!?!? I forewarned her that I was posting this picture and while I may have gotten a death glare, I still had to post it! Love ya dear!!

My little lovebug at McDonalds for the first time!! Cutest little thing if you ask me! :)

My little thumb sucker!!

This is baby D... one of Lyla's boyfriends. They are 8 days apart and D weighs about 6 pounds more than her!!! But they love each other! :) Shelly has 4 boys and really wants/wanted a little girl. Wouldn't he have made a cute little girl! :) His dad may hurt me for doing this! haha!
Becca and Eli before the 3 minute Easter Egg hunt!

Shelly and Weston getting eggs!!

Becca and I with our kiddos!
Group pic!
Afterwards, Lyla and I ran a few errands and then went to lunch with Shelly and Dalton. After that we headed home, napped and then snapped some Easter pics!! :) Isn't my little bunny adorable! Ahh, she melts my heart!!

Stay Tuned: Part 2...coming soon!

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  1. LOL, that IS kind of funny...I don't see myself very often! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunny pics of Lyla!


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