July 10, 2014

Stella Monroe :: 9 months ::

You were a bit of a stinker for your 9 month pictures! As in, did not want to cooperate one bit. Most are blurry from you refusing to sit still or your crying. Awesome Stells! :)

- You weigh 16.2 lbs and are 27 inches tall.
- You are still in size 2 diapers and shoes.
- You are wearing 3-6 month or 6 month clothing.

- You sleep about 10 hours straight at night - 7:30/8:30 til 6:30/7:30 ish.
- Still 2 naps a day
- LOVE food. You eat just table food three times a day (you skipped baby food).

- No walking yet - but love to cruise furniture
-Still won't clap but still doing the chinese clap thing that you do!
- Just saying the d & b sounds so no mama sounds yet.

- You don't like to sit still - for anything!
- You do great in the car and sleep most of the time! Traveling with you is a breeze compared to your brother and sister!
- Still nursing every 3-4 hours and sometimes a bottle before bed

-Love when we sing or read books!  
- No favorite toys - just anything you can get your hands on!

I can hardly believe in 3 months you'll be a year! So sad! :(

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